Junglemire - Shifted

by Sequel One Records



Junglemire is an Adelaide based producer who draws influence from a broad spectrum of music and experiences. Operating out of his home studio, Junglemire utilises analog synths, drum machines, samplers and software to build rich and interesting textures with a strong focus on creating sounds from their raw beginnings. He finds great pleasure in blurring the lines between percussion and melody and has a fascination for vintage, modern and modular sound synthesis.

"SHIFTED" is Junglemire's debut release for Sequel One Records and his 4th EP to date. Drawing from an overwhelming appreciation for electronic music, this EP sees him bring together many of his creative impulses.

The introduces itself with "Shades". Its filtered bells and spiralling pads gently draw you in and prepare you for the building intensity that is to follow. "Hallucinogen" is a mid-tempo track that sits somewhere between a hip hop beat and a dance tune. With squelching MS10 synths and punchy square wave lines, this track is a nod to artists such as Luke Vibert who experiment with the sounds of acid in lower tempos. Melodic percussion and dreamy pads feature throughout "Grip" and offer a rolling movement which is both energising and calming. "It's Running" comes through bold and bright with spluttering high hats and low sub bass taking many twists and turns before ramping up towards the last track. Closing the EP is "Rie" which offers another rise in tempo with its pulsating synths and rigid, hypnotic kick drum taking the listener on a rhythmically dense ride right to the end.

MASTER: Lukasz Szyda
COVER: Jakub Derezynski


released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


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