Crafs - The Prologue

by Sequel One Records



Crafs is a 19 year old electronic music artist, industrial design student and aspiring live artist. Originating from Morocco and France, he is now based in the Netherlands.

He began his career making hip-hop beats for others, but now he is focussed on his own future styled music with genres such as future bass and trap being present throughout. Despite this, his hip-hop influence is still present in his music. His biggest source of inspiration comes from Japanese music, ranging from jazz to anime scores.

This project is very personal to the artist. It reveals his background through recursive sounds and inspirations which tie the entire piece together, hence why the EP is called "THE PROLOGUE".

After a greeting intro, the first track "Temples" begins the EP. It is a collaboration between Crafs and Gregorious, a UK based artist. This track was the first one to be finished and sets directly the tone for the rest of the EP. The combination of jazzy chords and chopped vocal makes this song truly balanced. "YKZA" is probably the most sober and dark track of the EP. Distanced pianos and drums make this track ambient and immersive. Although "YKZA" is the last of produced tracks, it has great similarities with the first track, "Temples", in terms of style and mood. Following, the third track is an upbeat, bitter-sweet sound called "Wolf & Saint". For Crafs, this track was the easiest to produce, because it felt very natural to him. From mellow synths to laidback vocals, it reflects a journey of happiness and sadness the artist has gone through. "Socha", the final track of the EP fits the best as a true Crafs song and so is the final song of the "THE PROLOGUE" EP. The pitched up vocal chops, have become a well-known signature of Crafs’ work.

"THE PROLOGUE" is a very promising EP of a young talented producer, whose career is defenietly worth attention.

MASTER: Lukasz Szyda
COVER: Mateusz Bogucki aka VJ Matam


released August 30, 2015



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