A​.​Fruit - Far Out

by Sequel One Records



Anna Fruit is a producer, sound designer and an owner of an impressive musical gear collection, who lives in Moscow. To cut the long story short – completely devoted to her passion - music. The newest, tenth release in Sequel One’s catalogue is by the mentioned artist.

"FAR OUT" EP is a four-track release and each of the tracks present different and individual musical vision. The genres blend, images overlay and percolate, creating a unique whole. "Wars" is a footwork hybrid filled with emotions. Tempo changes dominate here, with ambient reverberations floating in the background. "You Wanna Go" and "My Beat Low" present an original interpretation of slow/fast. The foundation of the piece is a hip-hop pulse broken with brief samples and rhythmic complexity. "Articles Of Faith" introduces yet another vibe change. The track brings first Addison Groove’s production and rhythmic Mokira’s repetitions to mind.

All in all it consist of rich variety of vibes and temperatures. The structures are extremely well thought – surprising, multi-layered and suggestive. A.Fruit’s music escapes the usual genre categorisation. It is constantly on the move, creating and processing, sucking the listener deep into its illustrative world.

MASTER: Lukasz Szyda
COVER: Mateusz Bogucki aka VJ Matam


released March 14, 2015



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